Canning Bee August 14 2011

Join us Members and Friends for some pre-Fall Fun!

12 noon to 6pm
St, Josaphats Parish Hall
9637-108 Ave
Edmonton Alberta Canada T6C 2X8

A cozy collective of creative canning. Eat local all year long. Reduce food costs and increase food quality. Reduce your carbon footprint. Know what you’re feeding your family and celebrate creativity through food.

We will make 4 recipes and have a chance to exchange jars at the end of the day over a peroghy dinner provided by the St. Josaphats Parish Board.

Dinner is included in the price.

Please bring:

  • 12 500ml jars, lids and labels,
  • your favourite knife,
  • paring tools and
  • a cutting board.

All seasonal fruit, vegetables, provisions and recipes will be provided as well as all canning provisions.

Register now. This is a small group, buy your ticket early!

Member’s Buy Now PayPal Link $30

Non-Member’s Buy Now PayPal Link $35


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