Join Kevin Kossowan to Forage for High Bush Cranberries Thursday, September 29, 2011

RSVP to to find out where to meet: capping at 25, first come, first served.

The French like their stinky cheese. I like our stinky fruit. Highbush cranberry can be an…acquired taste, but is one of the most unique and distinctive local products around. It’s my pairing of choice with local game meats, and makes a fine jelly for your morning toast. We’re going to be tackling some urban foraging for them after a few frosts have had a chance to bring more sugar and funk to the party. Foraging is like any other type of hunting – timing and weather are pretty important and you find what you find, which may include other lingering berries, mushrooms, and the like.

I’m going to do some scouting to confirm the cranberries are still where I saw them when Saskatoon and mushroom foraging through the summer, so our success rate should be good.

Come prepared to bush-whack, which means sturdy footwear and clothing. And bring a pail – you can keep whatever you pick. If the picking is good, those interested can contribute some of their score to be featured at the National Meeting in May. RSVP to me at so I can pass the meet-up location on to you. I’m capping it at 25, first come first served.

When: 6:30-dark Thursday Sep 29, rain or shine.