Call for Nominations

As is customarily done at the AGM, the following positions will be open for nominations.  If you, as a member, would like to be part of the Slow Food Edmonton Board, consider the following positions:


Positions that will be voted on by all members:

The President is the Convivium Leader and they are the external face of the organization, engaging the community and spreading the Slow Food word. He/she is ex-officio a member of all committees and shall preside at all meetings of the society and the board.  He/she is expected to spend roughly 90 minutes a week on leadership responsibilities.
Vice President
The Vice President, or Associate Convivium Leader will be in charge of the operational aspects of the society.  Their role will be primarily in coordinating organizational interactions.  Organizing resources for committees, events, and programs and coordinating other such efforts. He/she is expected to spend roughly 180 minutes a month on leadership responsibilities


The Secretary is responsible to attend all meetings of the society and of the Board, and to keep accurate minutes of the same.  He/she shall have charge of the Seal of the society which whenever used shall be authenticated by the signature of the Convivium Leader and the Secretary.  The Secretary is in charge of all the correspondence of the society and will work closely with with Convivium Leader and the Board.  The secretary will also hold all the membership information, collect and receive membership dues, etc.  He/she is expected to spend roughly 180 minutes a month.


The Treasurer is in charge of all financial transactions of the society.  He/she will maintain the bank account, books, receipts and disbursement records.  He/she will be expected to present a detailed financial report at annual meetings.  He/she is expected to spend roughly 90 min a month on leadership duties.
The following board positions are open until filled:
  • Communications Director
  • Philanthropy Director
  • Community Liason