From The Wild Table

Slow Food Edmonton in Partnership with From the Wild bring you our second annual wild game supper. Head to the EVENTS tab to buy your tickets now!

WHEN: December 11th 2016!
WHERE: is the event this year?

Brayden and Shaun at Three Boars Eatery have opened their doors to host this years event.
One change from last year will be that the menu will be the same for both seatings. So you won’t feel like you are missing out if you choose one seating over the other.

This year for our chefs we have Brayden Kozak from Three Boars, Eden Hrabec coming all the way up from Crazyweed in Canmore, Roger Letourneau of the newly opened Clementine, Alexei Boldireff from soon to open Baijiu and honorary guest chef Jeff Senger from Sangudo Custom Meatpackers.

Now you know WHO will be cooking. So the next logical question is WHAT will you be eating?

If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

Goldilocks made herself right at home at this animals home…

So of course you know that we are having a picnic and eating Oatmeal!

You know we won’t play you like that.

The protein this year is Black Bear. Yes you read that correctly. A protein you won’t get to see on any other menus in the near future.
Harvested with care, it will be presented with all the attention it deserves. There will also be a Canada Goose course, and no meal is complete without dessert.

Slow Food is an organization that believes in Good, Clean and Fair food. In Alberta this means that many people hunt or have a history of hunting in their families. This project is important to Slow Food Edmonton as it allows a rare opportunity for our chefs to work with wild meats in the kitchen, and for diners to taste foods that live in the same ecosystem we do. We hope that with taste and conviviality comes appreciation and respect for ingredients and habitats that are important for us to value and protect. As there is no such thing as a bear farm in the area, this meat has been harvested by a Slow Food Edmonton member, and is uninspected meat.