Celebrate: A Harvest Supper with Grass Roots Family Farm

October 4, 2014 – October 4, 2014

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The Coen Family are the stewards of the Grass Roots Family Farm.  Their rolling landscape borders the North Eastern shores of Red Deer Lake near Ferintosh, Alberta (about 20 minutes south of Camrose).  The Coen family has a strong tradition of using organic farming principles.  The range of old and new endeavours on the farm, including bee keeping, cattle, pigs, grains, market garden, fruit trees, and their food forest makes it an ideal location for teaching Albertans about farming and food culture.  It is also the idyllic setting for our next farm-to-table dinner that celebrates the fall bounty, and you are all invited!

          grass roots

Your day will start at 1pm.  Two activities will occur concurrently for 90 minutes, and then you will switch.  The first activity is  a farm tour hosted by Takota Coen.  Embedded in this activity is a forest garden tour, where you will learn about how the Coen family gardens by working with natural succession to grow food, fibre, fuel, “farmaceuticals”, and most importantly fun!

The second activity celebrates honey, and highlights the unique process of honey production on the farm.  You will learn about the finer details of the bees and pollination from ecologist Mark Wonneck, view their top bar hive system, and then be guided through a honey tasting by local expert Patty Milligan.

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At 5pm, we will gather at nearby Ferintosh Recreation Hall for a celebratory dinner that highlights the bounty of fall harvest.  The chefs from Get Cooking Edmonton are developing a delectable menu that involves Berkshire Pig and produce grown on Grass Roots Family Farm.  The meal will also be expertly paired with wines from Vines Wine Merchants in Edmonton, which is included in the ticket price.     At the hall, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy local Aboriginal Art.  Map link to the farm and hall is here



About the Chefs: (more info by clicking their names)

Kathryn Joel founded Get Cooking in 2011.  She studied at Le Cordon Bleu London and Leiths School of Food & Wine, and brings her passion for diverse global culinary traditions and commitment to supporting local producers permeate every aspect of her cooking.

Israel Alvarez trained in culinary arts in Mexico, and worked in prestigious restaurants in Spain and Mexico before life brought him to Edmonton.  Israel focuses on clean,simple, and balanced cuisine, allowing each ingredient to shine yet remain harmonious in a complex collection of flavours.

Stephen Baidacoff has been involved in the culinary arts since the age of 16.  Through his vast array of global food & restaurant experiences, he has built a repertoire of diverse techniques and a refined approach to cooking.

Eric Hansen has travelled extensively and brings culinary knowledge and experiences from over 40 countries.    His approach to food is creative and innovative, and embraces the bounty of produce available locally in Alberta.

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