Nettie Wiebe Food Sovereignty

Nettie Wiebe

Friday, March 4th, 7 to 9 pm
The Edmonton Public Library (Edmonton Room) downtown
Donations accepted at the door

We have the honour of hosting this evening with Nettie Wiebe.
Nettie is a founding member of La Via CampesinaLa Via Campesina an international organization in support of the peasant farmer and food sovereignty.

Food Sovereignty is a concept aimed at ensuring farmers and local communities have control over their food systems and that these are fair and sustainable, with caring for the environment a vital key. Nettie Wiebe was the first female President of the Canadian National Farmers Union. She walks her talk based upon her background as a Canadian Farmer, an elected Canadian Politician and her work as an international activist for change.

“Agriculture is the junction of the need for food and saving our ecology”, says Ms Wiebe. “Family farms and farming families are on this ecological frontline.”

Please do not miss this incredible opportunity to listen to Nettie speak and to talk with her about these critical issues of our time.