Slow Food in the News

Another magazine arrived in the mail today extolling the virtues of the “eating locally” movement. For those interested in keeping tabs of such things, here’s a brief listing of articles on Slow Food or Alberta regional cuisine that have crossed my desk in a mere fortnight!! I’ll include the pertinent quotes from each article.

Foodservice and Hospitality March 2006 (an industry magazine that usually focuses on which QSR – that is Quick Service Restaurant – is pulling ahead of the pack)…However, the current issue contains a feature article, “The Green Mile: Going the distance for locally grown, environmentally friendly vittles” written by Liz Campbell. It starts with an opener about the growing Slow Food movement in Canada.

The quote from Sinclair is: “If we want to eat well, we need to understand the value of local, seasonal, organic products to our physical and economic health,” says Sinclair Philip, an enthusiastic supporter of the Slow Food movement, and owner of Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island. “This is not a movement devoted only to gastronomic enthusiasm – although there is room for that – it is also concerned with environmental protection and activism.”

Bistro: The Magazine: An Edmonton Journal publication devoted to Alberta’s food and agricultural industries, Spring 2006. This Edmonton Journal supplement features an article called Slow Food: Taking it easy in fast times written by Pamela Irving. In it is a nice interview with Mary Bailey and Cheryl Armstong, a Slow Food Edmonton member. It also touches on some of our local producers, like Jerry Kitt, who attended Terra Madre in 2004. The article concludes by focusing on Slow Food Edmonton chef member, Brad Lazarenko of Culina Cafe. Obviously, the pertinent quotes are too many to reproduce.

Alberta Views, April 2006, has a large article with a fairly detailed and impressive listing of interesting and unique Alberta products, restuarants, and agritourism destinations.

Seems like the movement is gaining momentum.