Terre Madre Nominations

Slow Food Edmonton Nominations for TERRA MADRE world meeting of food communities October 21-25 Turin, Italy

Nominations: March 31
Applications: April 9
Selection: April 28
Funding: June 30

Slow Food believes:

“We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to pleasure and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible. Our movement is founded upon this concept of eco-gastronomy – a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet.
Slow Food is good, clean and fair food. We believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work.
We consider ourselves co-producers, not consumers, because by being informed about how our food is produced and actively supporting those who produce it, we become a part of and a partner in the production process.”

October 21-25 Turin, Italy _TERRA MADRE world meeting of food communities


Who can apply

Slow Food Edmonton can nominate nine delegates who meet the following criteria:

Northern Alberta Farmers who:
— have not been to Terra Madre_
— practice good, clean and fair farming without detrimental inputs_
— would like to make their farm practices more sustainable_
— would like to grow/distribute food in good, clean and fair methods.
— cultivate or have an interest in heritage/heirloom varieties

Northern Alberta Youth Farmers who meet the above criteria and are younger than 35

Northern Alberta Cooks who
– have not been to Terra Madre_
– consistently use locally grown and raised food
– desire to learn more about good, clean and fair local products in order to create a sustainable/marketable cuisine

Please forward your nominations to info@slowfoodedmonton.com and we will contact
the individuals nominated. Include their contact information and employer/business name.